Becoming a Data Scientist

From as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by numbers. This is what lead me to take on the scientific route back in high school, and enrol in a Master’s degree in Finance at Coventry University.
I still recall, trying to use statistical analysis to predict the numbers in Lotto. And to be honest, my 2 week-project nearly got me 5 of the 6 six numbers that came out on a particular Saturday. If only had I decided to actually place the bet that day, I wouldn’t be where I am today. But I’m a firm believer in Karma, so I think it just wasn’t meant to be.
But life, in all its mystery, has led me to a different path for the last few years: I became a property manager. And even if it’s not a career where mathematics play a major role, knowing how to collect and analysis data is critical to the success of any property management company. 
The Covid-19 crisis acted as a wake up call. I’ve been fascinated by how the different models trying to forecast the number of Covid cases had such an impact on shaping government decisions, which in turn, impacted all of us.
So, for all these reasons, I’m on a mission to learn as much as I can about data science. For this, I will use forums, blogs, articles, tutorials, bootcamps, online courses, projects. Literally everything I can get my hands on.
The goal: stepping into the world of data science and make an impact.
So, as I go about my journey to becoming a data scientist, I’ll update this section with everything I’ll be working on.


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